Club Directory

Name of the Club Motto Ranking Points
Elusive "Keep Hating" 5,882
Viva Futbol "" 5,450
StreeT ToucH FC "Tu Pu" 5,175
Restricted "No Favors" 5,091
Vanguard "Entiendeh o no" 4,862
Estrellas SN "Sixty Nine Till My Pulse Goes Flat" 4,696
No Good FC "Vamo a calmarno" 4,322
IForza Antrax "Ningun jugador es mejor que todos." 4,263
[ONE] Bamdaliers CF "This is La Bamdalera" 3,806
Bolu2 FC "Club serio, Cada partido" 3,743
iDomina Lions "FollowTheRoar" 3,556
Prominence "Quality" 3,521
Fc NighTMaRe "Talk with your FEET.Play with your HEART" 3,515
POBRES PERROS "Ladren perros" 3,482
IFoX CF "" 3,370
Old V Boyz FC "VISCA BARÇA" 3,306
FC Virgins "- Mes que un club -" 3,292
Valedores FC "Aguante Carrilla" 3,282
Sublime Skill "I can't be bothered." 3,259