Club Directory

Name of the Club Motto Ranking Points
Elusive "Keep Hating" 5,882
Viva Futbol "" 5,450
StreeT ToucH FC "Tu Pu" 5,175
Restricted "No Favors" 5,091
Vanguard "Entiendeh o no" 4,862
Estrellas SN "Sixty Nine Till My Pulse Goes Flat" 4,696
No Good FC "Vamo a calmarno" 4,322
IForza Antrax "Ningun jugador es mejor que todos." 4,263
[ONE] Bamdaliers CF "This is La Bamdalera" 3,806
Bolu2 FC "Club serio, Cada partido " 3,743
iDomina Lions "FollowTheRoar" 3,556
Prominence "Quality" 3,521
Fc NighTMaRe "Talk with your FEET.Play with your HEART" 3,515
POBRES PERROS "Ladren perros" 3,482
IFoX CF "" 3,370
Old V Boyz FC "VISCA BARÇA" 3,306
FC Virgins "- Mes que un club -" 3,292
Valedores FC "Aguante Carrilla" 3,282
Sublime Skill "I can't be bothered." 3,259