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    VFO Mexico Launches.

    VFO Mexico will kick off the competition for all the Mexican Pro Clubs players, the first team to officially announce their participation is Club America, arguably the biggest club in the Country and north America. They will start tryouts shortly.


    VFO Mexico will kick off the competition in FIFA 18. On the meantime, all the Mexican Pro Clubs competitions will remain in VPN Mexico. Once FIFA 18 Launches the Mexican competitions will transition from VPN Mexico to VFO Mexico.


    What does this mean for our community? As you all know VPN is officially partnered up with VFO to execute just what is currently happening in Mexico in all the VPN communities. This means that VFO is also coming to USA. We are working hard to make this happen as soon as possible.


    When VFO USA is announced, it will be the same process, the competition will kick off in FIFA 18, during the time the competition is announce to when it kicks off, the competitions will remain in VPN USA (FVPAA).


    How can you help? The simple answer is simply to continue competing in the VPN competitions and invite your friends who are yet to make the jump into competitive Pro Clubs. Work with your team and make the most competitive team possible.


    for more information about VFO Mexico go to www.vfomexico.com


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