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    ACL PS4 WriteUp Week 2

    Every week, I'll start putting out content for ACL, in regards to what place teams are in and what predictions for the end of every week will be. Due to the fact that our ACL season started on Thursday, I can only put together what has happened in that short amount of time and make do!


    Week 2 Predictions


    #1. World Class

    - Currently sitting in the #1 spot, dope_killah14 and company have started out stronger than any team on their debut, with outscoring their opponent 6-1. With strong performances from dope_killah14, Kawura-, and U_MR-7 in the attack, scoring goals seems like it won’t be any issue for this squad. SoCal_WeeWee will have to continue his dominance on the back line to lead this team to greatness

    - Player to Watch: dope_killah14

    - Prediction: Top table


    #2. Nemesis XI

    - Just behind the #1 spot, this squad proved they came to play, being 1 of the only 2 teams to win both debut games. Nemesis was able to capitalize on the short comings of Miami All Stars losing a few players during the game, and will be interesting to see if they can keep the momentum going against a full 11.

    - Player to Watch: MonesterKILLER22

    - Prediction: Mid table


    #3. Prestige Futbol

    - Team Captain, Modricx10x, takes the reigns to prove he can assemble a team that can compete with the best of them. Scoring does not seem to be an issue, as they filled their stat sheets, but the area of concern will be how solid their defense will be. Giving up 3 goals is always concerning, but they were able to come away with 4 points on their debut, which is always a plus!

    - Player to Watch: Modricx10x

    - Prediction: Top table


    #4. Inform Maestros

    - The new kids on the block, started off their debut this season with 4 points, and a total of 4 goals, plus a clean sheet to close out their evening. Aguilardinho1, their point man up top, recorded 2 MOTM, and will be the driving force for their attack, with a great supporting cast. They'll have to continue to find their fittings defensively if they want to rise to glory.

    - Player to Watch: RBeezyThaGod

    - Prediction: Top table


    #5. Alpha Omega

    - Currently sitting in 5th place, this is the final squad to not record a loss on opening day. If they're going to want to continue to not have losses, they're going to need more fire power to be able to compete. Closing out their day with a total of 2 goals, and 1 clean sheet, they'll need to rely more on getting their offense functioning to put away goals

    - Player to Watch: Bmbunt

    - Prediction: Mid table


    #8 MS Brilla FC

    - With a tough start against Alpha Omega, this team will need to recover from their first game day of the season. The defense is going to need to keep their composure, and the offense will need to work harder to link up, with only 1 goal to show in 2 games. Next week is going to be the deciding factor if they figure out their issues and come out swinging, or continue to find themselves getting by

    - Player to Watch: Sunshine_1985

    - Prediction: Mid table


    #6 Aguerbro Bro FC

    - Another new squad assembled in ACL, they kicked off their game day with a loss and a win, with a bunch of goals from ELTRIPA92. In order for this squad to continue to compete, they'll need to figure out their defensive lapses and correct them. Based off of the stats, the chemistry is there, they just need to crank up the intensity on defense

    - Player to Watch: ELTRIPA92

    - Prediction: Mid table


    #7 Hotskull FC

    - Kicking off their season against Aguerbro Bro FC, they were able to put goals in the back of their net. But on the flip side, they also had to pick up the ball from the back of their own net. King_Outlaw is going to have to keep his team in check all season if they don't want to keep conceding the amount of goals they did on their opening match day.

    - Player to Watch: No stats entered

    - Prediction: Bottom table


    #9 Romulus FC

    - mdhenshaw & ChayceH19 have revived their squad after a moment of inactivity, and are looking to get the ball rolling with the start of the new season. The only problem is, their upcoming schedule for the first official week will truly test how their season will pan out. Be advised, this team can move the ball as smooth as a knife through butter, but they'll need to help out on defense as much as possible if they intend on keeping themselves in the running for d1 promotion

    - Player to Watch: Le50Dangeureux

    - Prediction: Mid table


    #10. The Cuervos FC

    - Kicking off their season opener, they were able to come away with 4 points, getting a win and draw over the 8 man team of Montreal PE. A couple goals from their main man, Toro_R15, up top, they're going to need to help him if they're looking to contend for a spot in playoffs.

    - Player to Watch: Toro_R15

    - Prediction: Bottom table


    #11. Pro View Utd

    - Despite having an early start to their week with participating in a promotional tourney, they managed to start off their season with a draw and a loss. Moving the ball well is not an issue for this squad, but they'll need to have more defensive presence if they want to be able to glimpse at a chance for playoff contention.

    -Player to Watch: Chris-22-Pulisic

    - Prediction: Bottom table


    #12. Montreal PE

    - Starting off the season with 8 players is never a good sign, and if this team wants to have any chance at competing in ACL, they'll need to field more players! Based off of the stats at hand, they weren't able to do much, and will have to figure something out quickly, or Montreal PE will have a LONG season ahead of them.

    - Player to Watch: ?

    - Prediction: Bottom table


    #13. Destreham FC

    - No games played


    #14. Miami All Stars

    - Unfortunately, this team went up against one of the better squads in D2 to kick off their season, and they were not able to come away with more than 1 goal for both games. Half the reason for that is because they only fielded 7 players. If this team decides to show up, who knows what their potential could be. But, their manager Bigdavid1113 is going to need to get the squad on and practicing.

    - Player to Watch: ?

    - Prediction: Bottom table


    #15. Manchester CF

    - Besides the fact that they went up against arguably the best team in D2, this team seems to not have too much going for them. Starting off with a -5 goal differential with only 1 match day, Manchester CF will need to work on their defense AND offense if they want to be seen from anywhere outside of last place. And with nobody rostered on their team page anymore, it seems the worst has happened for them


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